About Us.
Our Mission.

Help unlock the potential of children with autism.


Autistic Endeavors  is a nonprofit organization entirely funded by private donations and contributions from people like you. With your donation we provide the necessary resources to fund individualized educational programs that help children on the Autism Spectrum reach their full potential.  Together we can empower children with Autism to become independent and contributing members of their communities. Your support and donation is the key to their success.






Children with autism often need special individualized programs, support, and resources. Educational programs can be difficult to find and are costly to secure. In the autism community, lengthy waiting lists for resources are not uncommon. Children can "age out" before they get the things they need to be productive and successful. Autism Programs can fail if they do not have the startup costs and supplies to provide children with a safe place to learn and grow. At Autistic Endeavors  we find this to be unacceptable.   


 Autistic Endeavors wants to help fill the void!